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Are you ready to take your music career to the next level?
Welcome to "Amplify Your Voice!" – where your music career dreams get supercharged! This isn't just any course; it's your backstage pass to the world of artist development, a thrilling ride from the comfort of "just a hobby" to the spotlight of "heck yes, this is my career!" Think of us as your personal cheer squad in artist exposure, here to navigate you through the music industry's maze with fun, flair, and a whole lot of rhythm.

Dive deep into the heart of the music business, where every lesson is a step closer to the big stage. Our program is designed to elevate your skills, amplify your voice, and shine a spotlight on your talent, ensuring you get the artist development necessary to thrive. Whether you're looking to make waves in the music industry or simply seeking to enhance your artist exposure, we've got you covered. This course literally transforms your career.

Imagine this: more gigs, bigger stages, and your tunes setting the airwaves on fire. That's what we're aiming for. It's all about cranking up the volume on your unique sound that the world's been missing out on and finally getting noticed and heard. Ready to catapult your music journey and make some noise? Let's hit the play button on your dreams and make your music pop, sizzle, and soar like never before.

Join us at "Amplify Your Voice" and take the first step towards a successful music career. With our guidance, the maze of the music industry will turn into a clear path towards success and artist exposure. Your music business journey starts here, and we're excited to be part of your growth and success in the music career you've always dreamed of. 

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What You'll Learn



Learn to navigate the music industry with confidence and savvy

Tips and tricks on how to get more gigs


Secrets of effective self-promotion and

brand building.


How to monetize your brand with multiple streams of income


How to stand out in a crowded industry


Master the art of networking and creating industry connections.


Develop a strategic plan to release and effectively promote your music.


Performance tips and tricks


The things no one tells ya... music business etiquette and mental health


  • Free Live Facebook Trainings

  • Access to our Weekly Blog with valuable, actionable insights

  • Access to a Network of like-minded musicians, artists, and industry professionals

  • Access to resources Artist Development agents use to help boost analytics, which is required for securing Record Deals

  • Successful Graduates of our 1-on-1 Coaching Program get an opportunity to meet with a Head A&R Exec.

  • Resources like AR lists, contract templates, networking email templates, Billboard opportunities to catapult your exposure, and more!

What People Say

Even throughout the beginning lessons, I already felt like a more self-aware artist.

H.M.T., Milwaukee, WI

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